January 2011

We’re happy to announce that our “You Click, We Give!” donation campaign was a success, smashing through the 1,000-click goal before Christmas Day—over one month ahead of its scheduled end date. Thanks to your interaction, over 8,000 meals have been supplied through Forgotten Harvest to those in need this winter. The response to our campaign has been overwhelmingly positive, with responses ranging from simple, yet gracious “thank yous” to other warm, heartfelt sentiments. As stated in a previous post, one of our goals for 2011 is to “stay connected” and engaged with our community, clients and peers. We’re more than

Now that the 2011 North American International Auto Show is officially in the books, the anticipation has begun for many of the hot, new automobiles to hit showroom floors. This was the second straight year that NAIAS experienced a bump in attendance, which included the breaking of a single-day record from 1993 of 74,900 for a Friday, with 75,327 attending this year. Some people go to the show to browse for potential new vehicles, while others might be on hand to check out the sleek, new concept cars or the latest technological innovations. Presumably, however, everybody walks away from the