The holidays are a time for reflecting and giving; especially to those who help make the place we call home a community. It’s easy to take the joys of the holiday season for granted: celebrations filled with gifts, feasts and family. For many people who are less fortunate, something seemingly as trivial as a warm meal could mean everything. To celebrate re-joining the community we’ve always considered home, Premier Communications Group is helping our neighbors in need by donating to Open Hands Food Pantry this holiday season: Oakland County, Michigan’s largest food pantry. This year’s holiday campaign was inspired by the infamous

Now that the holidays are over and we’ve all returned to our normal lives, we’d like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who painted a canvas in honor of our “How Will You Paint Your Canvas?” holiday campaign. We were once again able to provide much-needed art supplies to local schools through, which will allow young artists to unleash their inner-creativity—school budget cuts aside. Teachers and students alike wrote to us in appreciation, as teachers oftentimes have to spend their own money to make art a possibility in their students’ lives, and we couldn’t have

When it comes to being creative, the idea is pretty simple: Gather your pens, crayons, paintbrushes, paint and paper and bring your vision to life. But what if you don’t have the necessary supplies? More often than not, school art programs are directly impacted by budget cuts. Kids no longer have the same opportunities to express themselves in school. For that reason, this holiday season we’re once again donating essential art supplies to metro Detroit classrooms in need through The inspiration behind this year’s holiday campaign is simple — we’re all creative, so given the necessary supplies, how will you paint

Just as we started to see the first signs of spring, a winter reminder arrived in our mailbox. Notes of thanks from the children who benefited from our holiday donation brought a big smile to our faces! Budget cuts have made it an unfortunate reality today for many schools to go without basic classroom needs, even items such as facial tissue and hand soap. We were moved again to help metro Detroit students realize their creative potential by donating materials for an inspired – and healthy! – learning environment. Their gratitude was truly heartwarming. We hope our snowflake creator tool inspired your

Imagine a chalkboard without chalk or a coloring book without crayons. It would certainly stifle one’s creativity. Budget cuts have made this an unfortunate reality for students and teachers in many schools today. As a marketing communications firm, inspiration and creativity are at the core of what we do. Art in the classroom spurs both. That’s why we want to provide the tools to help students realize their creative potential by donating essential art materials to Detroit area classrooms in need through *Snowflake game does not work on mobile devices Warm Holiday Greetings from Your Friends at Premier

For the past decade our holiday campaigns have focused on giving back to the community; allows us to do that by donating essential art supplies to classrooms in need in the metro Detroit area. As a creative organization, we believe that the tools to be creative are necessary for children to express themselves and hone their skills. This is our third year working with You can learn more about here.

While we believe our company is only as strong as our people, the same philosophy is true for our community. Whether it's helping to build a home for a family that lost everything or simply giving children supplies they need to color and draw, we believe in giving back to those who may need a helping hand. And we have a lot of fun while we're doing it. Here’s a look back at our charitable holiday campaigns from the past 10 years.   2005 HOLIDAY PACKAGE: HABITAT FOR HUMANITY The year 2005 found parts of the world ravaged by earthquakes, tornadoes and mudslides. We

Premier Communications Group has won four awards from Graphic Design USA (GDUSA), three Davey Awards, two Communicator Awards, and one Gold Ink Award in recent industry competitions. Here’s a breakdown: GDUSA American Graphic Design Awards Just fewer than 10,000 entries are submitted to GDUSA for judging; only 15% make the cut. Cases of agencies winning multiple awards are rare. Some of the GDUSA awards include our 2014 Holiday Campaign, branding for Cypress Partners and the Buick 2015 NAIAS Press Kit. Davey Awards Our Buick power bank packaging won a gold Davey Award. Silver awards went to both the Corvette Lapel Pin Package and Buick 2015

The holidays brought some special surprises to local schoolkids last December. Inspired to help students realize their creative potential, we donated essential art supplies to metro Detroit classrooms in need of the basics. It’s been truly heartwarming to see the results. Using the gifted supplies, the children shared pictures of drawings that honored Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Feedback from the teachers and you – our friends and colleagues – reminded us how the tiniest spark of encouragement can spur a creative imagination. Seeing these growing seeds of self-expression assured us that the future is indeed taking shape! We hope you had

As a marketing communications and design firm, creativity lies at the heart of our business. So we’re inspired to help shape the future of creativity by supplying essential art supplies to metro Detroit classrooms through Art is a medium that allows for many forms of unique expression. With the right materials and a little inspiration, everyone can be creative. These donated learning tools spark imagination and encourage young minds while providing an outlet to express themselves. As one recipient of last year’s donation put it, “Art rocks!” We invite you to follow our campaign on Facebook and Twitter to see how