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The way we operate has changed ten-fold since our agency’s early days. Technology has had a tremendous impact on the way that we do business; long-gone are the mammoth typesetters and photo developing labs, which were quickly elbowed out by ever-evolving design software, and this little thing called “the Internet.” Through it all, we’ve stayed true our company culture, serving clients as a resource for creative marketing services centered on quality work and top client service. This is no better personified than looking toward our Art Director, Maria Kowalski, who recently celebrated her 31stanniversary working at Premier Communications Group.Maria has been

The holidays are a time for reflecting and giving; especially to those who help make the place we call home a community. It’s easy to take the joys of the holiday season for granted: celebrations filled with gifts, feasts and family. For many people who are less fortunate, something seemingly as trivial as a warm meal could mean everything. To celebrate re-joining the community we’ve always considered home, Premier Communications Group is helping our neighbors in need by donating to Open Hands Food Pantry this holiday season: Oakland County, Michigan’s largest food pantry. This year’s holiday campaign was inspired by the infamous

  As Chance would have it, we’ve passed GO and returned to Royal Oak, the city where Premier Communications Group debuted in 1982. This will be the sixth Royal Oak property in our 35-year history. There’s something to be said about going home. Being rooted in the community has always been important to us, and it was a big factor in the decision to move back. And, truthfully, we missed the railroad crossings and short walks downtown to the coffee shops! Roll the dice and see if you can correctly answer this question about our properties:   [wp_quiz id="1403"]

We’re proud to announce that Mike Fossano has been promoted to Vice President, Account Services, from his previous position within the same account group. In his new role, Mike will be responsible for contributing to new business development, as well as continuing project management for current clients. Additionally, he oversees all public relations and social media efforts. Mike’s history with the company began many years ago, hanging around the office toy bin as a young tyke. At the time, he was a noted aficionado of Grant Hill, Sonic the Hedgehog and Burger King’s French toast sticks. He went on to earn a degree