Running Your Business

How do you set your company apart from the rest? How do you stand out to potential clients? These two questions are commonly asked when trying to start a new business or rebrand an existing one. Take a look at your company from the outside in. How do existing and potential customers or clients view you? Do some digging and find out what makes you special compared to other companies and competition. Why do your clients keep coming back? If your company is failing to differentiate from others, chances are your mission statement isn’t strong or memorable enough. Create a mission statement that

More companies are shelving suits and ties for relaxed, branded work clothes.   What are you wearing to work today? There’s a good chance you’re feeling a bit more comfortable in your clothes than you were five years ago. Work dress codes that once consisted of a collared shirt and jacket are now being replaced with more casual looks that close the gap between weekdays and the weekend. Comfortable, company-branded apparel provides the perfect opportunity to wear professional, yet relaxed attire in many different environments—whether it’s at the office, on the golf course or on a weekend getaway.   Work shirts High-quality shirts made from moisture-wicking tech fabrics

By Sue Severini A recent meeting with spec and packaging reps from Neenah Paper and Millcraft demonstrated how Neenah continues to pave new ground in establishing itself as a premier paper resource with comprehensive solutions. Achieving just about every eco certification possible, the mill is a leader in environmentalism, taking seriously the sustainability concerns of its clients. A highlight was the introduction of the first 100% post consumer, single-ply folding board. While a natural fit for retailers and confectioners requiring green packaging, the performance characteristics are also ideal for pocket folders, portfolios and sales kits, providing a perfect surface for print, embossing,

Here's a great post from @elsiecake of Red Velvet Art in which she shares a few tips from her experiences as a young artist who successfully turned her "dream job" into a reality. "Don't be naive about 'how great it's going to be', be prepared and do your research! Owning a business is considerably more work than working for another company. Doing a 'dream job' requires a level of sacrifice that can be overwhelming at times, but the payoff is that you have the opportunity to create something that love!" Read: 5 Tips for Small Business